To provide access to integrative therapy, lower healthcare costs and improve health outcomes for persons with physical disabilities who rely on Medicaid.



The Chanda Plan Foundation, with help from policy makers, created the SCI Waiver which is evaluating the efficacy of acupuncture, massage and chiropractic services and the consequential cost savings over 10 years (2009-2019) for persons with spinal cord injuries in Colorado.  The evaluation is expected to validate what we’ve witnessed through our Direct Services, better heath outcomes at lower costs. If Colorado Medicaid chooses to cover integrative therapies the legislation can be modeled for adaptation on a national level.

Medicaid should cover massage and acupuncture because there is very minimal risk and a high reward without expensive means of hospitalization; wellness can be more economic.
— Drew Hoffman, Spinal Cord Injury : Receiving acupuncture and massage on the SCI Waiver.

SCI Waiver

Accessing integrative therapies for persons with physical disabilities begins with Medicaid reform. As the program stands, these therapies are not covered. For our participants, access to therapy is only possible through services given by the Chanda Plan Foundation. Participants do not have means to afford them on their own.

Integrative therapies have generated positive outcomes for our participants and cost less than the average visit to the doctor. While receiving therapy, many participants lower their cost to Medicaid by reducing their prescription drug dependency and emergent hospital visits.