The generosity of our donors has positioned the Chanda Plan Foundation as a local and national leader in providing integrative therapies to individuals with physical disabilities and advocating for systemic change.

Foundations & Donor Trusts

Anschutz Family Foundation, Anschutz Foundation, A.V. Hunter Trust, Boettcher Foundation, Center for Independent Living Development, Christopher Reeve Foundation, Community First Foundation, COPIC Foundation, Craig H. Neilsen Foundation, Daniels Fund, Denver Post Community Foundation, The Colorado Health Access Fund – The Denver Foundation, J.K. Mullen Foundation, Lanig Family Fund, Little Oak Hill Foundation, Mabel Y. Hughes Charitable Trust, The Margaret and Al Hill Family Foundation, Negley Flinn Charitable Fund, Rose Community Foundation, Ruby Family Charitable Trust, 9News Foundation.

Businesses & Organizations

Accessible Systems, All Faiths Funeral Home, Altvia Solutions, Amazing Care, Anderson Auto Group, Anthony’s Pizza and Pasta, Auto Central Inc., Bivins and Bunyak, Bliss Therapeutic Massage, BMC West, Boulder Community Health, Cairo Bowl & Lounge Inc., Canyon LLC, Cedar Creek, Center for Independent Living Development, Cisco, Colorado Fund for People with Disabilities (CFPD), Cherry Creek Benefits, Cherry Creek Insurance Group, Chipotle, Chubb Insurance, Denver Office of Disability Rights, Craig Hospital, Dennis Hogan & Associates, EBC Obermiller, Family Practice of Grand Island, First Bank, G.I. Loan Shop, Garrett Tires, Golden Triangle Construction, Gottlob Asphalt, Guaranty Bank & Trust Company, Hagler Auction Group, Home Builders Foundation, Invacare, ISEC, JFC Financial Services, McCain Foods USA, Metier Law Firm, Narber Enterprises, National Seating & Mobility, Nichez, NuMotion, PASCO, Pathway Bank, Peaceful Waters Psychotherapy, Performance Mobility, Pinnacol Assurance, Quality Electric Distribution, Rocky Mountain Medical Equipment, Saunders, Shapiro Winthers & McGraw, Shield Healthcare, Shopworks Architecture, St. Joseph Hospital, U-MED, Weifield Group, Wright Group, ZIM Consulting.

MAJOR individual DONORS & Capital Campaign Donors

Anonymous Donor, John & Bobbi Jo Beeble, David & Maria Bolin, Nathan & Michelle Colburn, Kevin Durban, Raymond & Kristy Faus, Tracy & Stephanie Forst, Gretchen & Steve Kalal, Jody & Emery Legg, James Leichtle, Barry Martin, Ryan Martorano, Chris Monfort, Scott & Virginia Reiman, Saul Sarney, Scott Sorensen, Ellen Stewart, Jay Svehla, Mary & Richard Templeton, Andrew & Gillian Wilkin.


Anonymous Donor, Heidi & Eric Anderson, Sarah Allen, Dr. Skylar & Susana Bakko, Cara & Len Beasley, Lisa & Michael Blandford, April Boehm, Stephanie Brennan, James Brown, Mark Burnsed, Darrel & Judy Burr, Dale Campau, Vineta Campau, Canyon LLC, Clyde Carper III, Linda Carducci, Virginia Carducci, Cheryl & Greg Cavanagh, Maggie & Jack Cavanagh, Ed & Brenda Combs, Angela Cook, Keith Copen, Amber & Matt Cornwell, Stephen & Kathy Corsale, Crystal & Bear, Pam Davis, Melissa & Sol De Picciotto, Amy Dickinson, Steve & Carrie Doyle, Denise Ellinger, Michelle Epp, Kim Eschino, Raymond & Kristy Faus, EB Forst, Tracy & Stephanie Forst, Ryann Gale, Clara Gelatt, Lisa Gennaro, Graves Family, Rachael Griffin, Karen & Ron Graves, Veronica & Jason Hackett, Dan Hester, Ron & Sue Hester, Whitney Hester, Sarah Hoerle, Chad Holaway, Brent Hubbell, Ken & Jamie Jensen, Carole Johnson & Curt Wolff, Steve & Gretchen Kalal, April Kelly, Jack Kerr, Arjan Khalsa, Shaun & Jenna Kloor, Trish & Randy Kloor, Steve & Vicki Larson, Chanda & Paul Leichtle, Charity & Ryan Marr, Sharon Martorano, Ryan Martorano, Lynn & Mari Mason, Jan McCarty, Sarah McDaniel, Kenneth McKillican, Larry & Sharon Merrihew, Miriam Merrihew, Chelsey & Jacob Miller, Robyn & Jeff Moon, Steve Moore & David Wigington, Karen Morroni, John & Marily Movius, Mazen Mukayess, Ginger Nielsen-Conner, Len & Trish Norten, Anne Patton, Collin & Caroline Placke, Craig Pollitt, Todd & Raye Porter, Thomas Reeve, Sam Reiz, Sharita Richmond, Marti & Damian Rosenberg, Anna Robinson, Piper Rose Sartain, Brook & Dave Sautter, Siciliano Family, Steven & Kellie Sponberg, Amy Starrett, Gabrielle Steckman, Ellen Steinbrunner, Beau & Erin Stephenson, Gary & Nori Stockman, Ben & Kristin Stockman, Hailey Strampel & Brent Combs, Candy Tefertiller, Jessica Thayer, Lana & Tyler Trofholz, Terry Willis, Melissa & Peter Winthers.

“While integrative therapies have become more common across the country for coordination of care and wellness, those with chronic disabilities aren’t always included as beneficiaries of such treatment. Fortunately, with The Chanda Plan’s expertise, passion and pioneering work on this front we have a local-state-national model for integrative patient-centered medical services to those with spinal cord injury and chronic disability. Truly remarkable and visionary leadership.” John Weeks